There’s a reason that I have no space in my fridge for my beer.

That’s because my fridge is filled to the brim with all manner of chocolate truffles, turkish delight, chocolate cake, etc. You see, Chantelle is gearing herself up for her very first appearance at a food market, namely the Willowbridge Slow Market this coming Saturday, 10 March 2012. The market runs from 09:00 in the morning until 14:00 in the afternoon, and from what I’ve been told it is usually well worth attending.

Of course, now that Chantelle is exhibiting her tasty wares there, it is imperative for one and all to attend – there really is no excuse unless you live hundreds of kilometres away. :P

So seriously, come and support us on Saturday – we’ll love to see your faces (and hopefully convince you to buy something!)

Oh, and if you want to learn more about the Willobridge Slow Market itself, visit the website here.

Taken from the site: “The Willowbridge Slow Market conveniently brings together a variety of fine foods and wines. You will experience an ancient way of shopping in a modern context. No long cold storage is used to bring foods to market, no chemicals are used in their production, no excessive food miles are wasted and no doubtful production methods are employed. Customers have a chance to taste food before they buy it and bargaining and swapping of recipes is the order of the day. By trading the food grown on the urban edges the Fresh Goods market is aiming to make the food chain more sustainable and environmentally sensitive. All foods are fresh seasonal and locally grown making them simple, nourishing and delicious.”

Right, so it’s a deal then? See you Saturday! :)