A well dressed man walked into a fur store, accompanied by beautiful, stacked blonde. “Show my new girlfriend your finest mink,” he announced loudly. The store owner quickly retrieved a full coat, which the blonde tried on and absolutely loved.

“Just a note, but that coat costs $50,000,” the shop owner nervously said.

“No problem,” the man smiled, “I’ll write you a cheque in full for it right now.”

“Wonderful!” beamed the shop owner. “Since today is Friday, I’ll just hold it for you to pick up on Monday after your cheque has had a chance to clear the bank.”

The happy couple left the store.

On Monday afternoon, the man returned alone, and was greeted by the owner angrily, “How dare you come back here and show your face again? Didn’t you know your cheque would bounce because of insufficient funds?”

“Oh, sure,” smiled the happy customer, “But I just came by to thank you for the best weekend of my life.” ;)