Shame, poor wifey.

A couple of weekends ago, on a fateful Friday night, we found us actually both being home for Jessica’s bedtime routine for a change. Because it was a Willowbridge Market weekend, Chantelle had loads of baking to do in the evening, meaning that everything was optimized for speed so that once everything had settled down, she could jump right in and finish all the baking and packing for the following Saturday morning.

To this end I was tasked with picking up KFC for supper on my way home for work. I arrived home just after 18:15, Jessica had already been fed by Chantelle, and so we seized the moment to dish out the fried chicken and have an early supper while Jess entertained herself with her toys until bottle time when I would take over.

We eagerly tucked in to our tasty (but unhealthy) meal, but it wasn’t long before Jessica became really moany. She wouldn’t leave us alone and was crying incessantly, and I could see Chantelle started to lose her cool will little Jess. Certain that Jessica was throwing a tantrum because we weren’t giving her enough attention, Chantelle continued to ignore her, prompting even more wailing from Jess’ side. Eventually enough was enough, and Chantelle put down her food, bent down to pick up Jessica and was just about to admonish her for her crocodile tears, when all of a sudden with a rather violent lurch, Jessica started to do a proper projectile vomit, covering Mommy and the couch in all manner of food particles and slime.

Needless to say, Chantelle (who was beside herself at this point) started retching and gagging, before jumping up with Jessica still held tightly in her clutches, and running off to the shower, where the two of them had an emergency (and rather noisy) clean up operation.

Still laughing to myself, I grabbed some roller towels and started operation wipe up on aisle lounge.

Well at least we now know why Jessica was moaning so much, and needless to say, Mommy felt pretty bad – but pretty grossed out over the whole affair as well.

And yup, that was the end of Chantelle’s appetite as well. :)


(Just for the note, Jessica actually never vomits. I can probably count the number of times she has vomited since moving onto food on my two hands, and certainly the number of times she has projectile vomited probably on my one hand – lucky for us as parents I know, but certainly not quite so lucky for Chantelle this time around! Jessica on the other hand slept like a baby following all this drama…)