I look after Jessica on my own in the evening for at least half of the week, and so as you can imagine, I’ve pretty much got my bedtime routine down by now – and if I say so myself, it’s pretty damn effective.

Depending on whether or not I’m working from home on the day, I either pick Jessica up from the creche or from Gordon’s Beach Lodge. If its from the guest house, then Chantelle has already given her supper, but if not, then it is pretty much supper time as soon as we arrive home.

We then kill time by playing until just before 18:30, when it’s off to the bathroom for bath time. After a decent play in the bath session, it’s back to the changing station to get Jess all suited up in her pajamas, before making the evening bottle, plugging in some anime or an animated DVD to watch, switching off all the lights in the house, and then settling in the lounge tub chair with toddler on my lap, bottle in her mouth.

It takes about twelve minutes into whatever show I’m watching for Jessica to doze off, usually with teat still in mouth, and after twenty minutes I will literally stand up, Jessica lying face down in my arms like a lifeless corpse, and I’ll march over to the cot, lay her down, switch on the baby monitor and then close the door on the way out.


Anyway, all of the above is not actually the reason for today’s post. Nope, instead it was to share these cute videos I captured of Jessica during on of our evening playtime sessions, this time taking place in the front yard.

She has a fascination (and taste) for the drainage chips filling out the middle of the driveway, which needless to say, leads to a fair bit of entertainment and interaction.

And now, thanks to the always brilliant YouTube, I get to share my cute little toddler with you lot! :)

Throwing stones at the cameraman after being discovered:

Eating some tasty drainage chips:

Foraging some more: