Banshee isn’t a half bad a music centre for Ubuntu, and I do like it’s nifty interface for the easy updating of album and track information, more commonly referred to as ID3 tags if you’re coming from the MP3 world.

Whilst still new to Banshee, I noticed that all the artist, album and title information I was adding into the system wasn’t actually being written back to the source MP3 files, which of course didn’t make all that much sense considering that the track information editing window closes off with a save button.

However, I shouldn’t have feared, the answer lies in the fact that the Banshee devs don’t want to necessarily make changes to your files without your express permission. So in order for the track information changes you make to your songs be carried over to the MP3 files themselves, open the Preferences menu (Edit -> Preferences) and make sure the “Write metadata to files” checkbox is ticked.

With this ticked, any tag changes you make will automatically flow through to your files!