I guess our quota of public holidays are pretty much up for now, but damn, what a good run it has been. I’m not sure I even remember what a five day work week is any more! As it happens, next week will also be a four day work week for me, seeing as my birthday falls on Friday the 11th and we get off on our birthdays.

Lucky!! Seriously though, I am turning 32. 32?!? (Wow, it really is downhill after you turn 30!)

In addition to the short work weeks we’ve been enjoying, I haven’t set foot in the Westlake Touchwork office since last Wednesday – we’re moving office to new premises (still in the Westlake Business Park though), and without Internet set up yet, it doesn’t make sense for me to make the trip in, so have been instructed to rather stay and work from home. Again, lucky! (And a heap saved on petrol to boot!).

Anyway, seriously looking forward to this coming weekend though – We’ve (and by we I mean Evan) have organised a big 12 man expedition to Cape Gate Ster Kinekor on Saturday evening in order to watch Avengers – and from everything I’ve been seeing on the ‘Net, I’m in for a slice of awesome comic book movie goodness!

Which kind of reminds me that I haven’t really been filling you guys in as to what has been happening with the Lotter family over the last while. So a quick recap then. Two weekends ago (outside of all the Young Justice viewing and FIFA season mode gaming I’ve been keeping myself occupied with inbetween), Chantelle and her mom put together another successful market showing at the Willowbridge Slow Market – despite the gloomy weekend weather. During that time Jessica and I also made the trip through to Bellville first to pay a visit to Mom and Dad for a bit of grandparents and toddler time, followed by a stop in to check out Ryan’s awesome new kitchen (and grab more viewing material).

After jump-starting a woman’s car before leaving Willowbridge at the end of the afternoon, Chantelle and I capped the Saturday off by leaving Jess in Ouma and Oupa’s care, and heading out to Cape Gate, first for supper at the Spur, followed by a viewing of the harrowing but cinematically excellent Liam Neeson plane crash/blizzard/wolf survival film, “The Grey”.

Back at the Montgomery Stronghold, Jessica unfortunately didn’t have a good night, meaning a lot of awake time for the two of us, though luckily for us this didn’t continue on into Sunday, where a surprisingly enjoyable Nicholas Cage movie, “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, scuppered our plans of going out to feed the ducks in the morning. Robert was in charge of producing the excellent steak lunch which we enjoyed with the Montgomery Clan, which was followed up by a fun game of darts with Monty and Cheryl, with Chantelle and I losing both games played – though to be fair, the first game ended rather abruptly, with Cheryl’s first throw netting a Shanghai to take the unexpected win!

Of course, all of the above means that last weekend was a Chantelle on duty weekend, and outside a lot of FIFA and looking after Jessica while Chantelle was at work, I didn’t get up to all that much. However, Saturday did feature a nice interlude in that my folks came over for an afternoon home-made pizza lunch and visit (complemented by an awesome stroll around the Strand duck pond feeding all the ducks), whilst Sunday yielded an evening trip through to Bellville to drop Jessic off with the Montgomery clan – for looking after on Monday’s public holiday when the creche would be closed and both Chantelle and I would be at work in case you were wondering.

In amongst all of this, Chantelle has been producing fantabulous cakes for various orders that have streamed in, including two Barney the Dinosaur-themed cakes as well as a gloriously decadent chocolate birthday cake for Louise. And then of course there is all the preparation baking for this weekend’s market that has been going on behind the scenes…

And me? All I’ve managed to do is finally get around to sorting out and tidying up the office! Anyway, that should just about cover everything we’ve been getting up to the last while, and yes, just in case you were wondering about this as well, Jessica continues to get cuter with each and every passing day! :)