Hey, whilst my English Premier League and Champions League SuperBru performances have taken a bit of a knock as we enter the last stages of those two leagues, I’m quite pleased to see that by some miracle of some sort, I’m actually doing pretty well in my Super Rugby outing.

As you can see from the stats below, I’m sitting on a 76.71% win accuracy, putting me in the top 1% of all SuperBru Super Rugby players, at position 860 out of 152,206!

Not too bad for a guy who has probably only sat down to watch two or so games in the entire season! (In other words, thank you Supersport Blitz for keeping me in the loop!)

With this streak of luck, maybe I should convince the Evan to host another one of his competitive-natured poker evenings – I could do with winning the pot for a change! :P

After all, if a comic book character like Wolverine can do it…

(In case you’re wondering, this delightful piece of comic book art was whipped up by one Paolo Rivera back in 2009 for Marvel’s Wolverine appreciation month, his “Wolverines playing Poker” drawing heavily on C.M. Coolidge’s famous Dogs playing Poker piece).

— Update (20/11/2012) —

As it turned out, I ended up winning my pools for this years Super Rugby tournament, ending up pretty high in the world standings as you can see via the screenshot below. Also, I went on to win my pools for the 2012 Currie Cup as well, meaning a good year for SuperBru Rugby then! :)