Of course, the ability to delete videos that you uploaded is a must, and so, YouTube gives you the necessary tools to achieve this – though that said, I couldn’t figure it out the first time around, meaning a short trip to Google would have to solve it for me. And now that I know, I may as well record it here for future reference.

How to delete a YouTube video.

First, log in to YouTube and then click on your username in the upper right corner of any YouTube page. From the resulting drop-down menu, click on the Video Manager menu option. Identify the videos that you wish to delete from the list of videos, and mark the checkbox for each corresponding video to delete.

Now click on the Actions button at the top of the page and from this resulting drop-down menu, select Delete.

One confirmation screen later and you will be good to go, your YouTube footage now lost forever in the mists of abandoned digital pixels…