Pint-sized teenage heroes doing good, saving lives, being silly, and having fun, pretty much sums up what truly is an awesome super hero animated show for the younger comic book fans (and their easy-going parents) out there.

Teen Titans chronicles the adventures of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven, who for the super-powered team Teen Titans, based in their fantastical Titan Tower headquarters – shaped as a giant T.

This pretty much sets the tone for this surprisingly action-packed, but very humorous and fun take on the classic Teen Titans comic book franchise. Whilst there exists an overarching plot involving a rather sinister Deathstroke (referred to only as Slade for the most part), each episode sees the team up against some or other super-powered villain, but with the focus firmly on their youthful shenanigans and relationships with one another – made particularly interesting thanks to the wide array of personalities that makes up the group.

Physical humor and jokes abound, and the heavy use of super deformed character reactions borrowed straight from Japanese anime makes for a very fun and light-hearted show that carries enough meat to keep it interesting for the slightly older children (and parents too), but is guaranteed to entertain quite a wide spectrum of younger viewers.

The animation is as light-hearted as the tone of the show itself, and its bright and colorful, stylized images that borrow heavily from Japanese anime aesthetics is actually quite pleasing on the eye. In addition to the fun visuals, the actual quality of the animation and fight choreography is surprisingly good and as a whole, the Teen Titans is actually a pretty well animated show.

Aurally, in addition to the fun theme songs from the whimsical Japanese J-Pop duo of Puffy AmiYumi, and a great selection of background music, the voice actors tasked with bringing to life these young characters have been well chosen and suit the style and tone of the stories perfectly.

In summary, Teen Titans does very little, if anything, wrong. It is visually fun, kids can easily identify with the characters, the humor is there, and most important of all, there is more than enough action to satisfy pretty much all the comic book fans out there.

If you have a kid, then you’ll kick yourself if you don’t grab this show to sit down and watch with them. Definitely loads of fun! :)

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