The understaffed Justice League Beyond outfit consisting of Superman, Warhawk, Kai-Ro, Barda, Aquagirl and Micron, have finally managed to get Terry McGinnis, aka Batman, onboard with the team.

As it is, his skill set is now needed more than ever, seeing as the group believes that Micron may have switched sides in order to join the snake-obsessed Kobra cult, who appear to be hatching a scheme that involves many of the remaining mystical artefacts currently on Earth.

But they’re going to have to find him first.

Alongside Batman Beyond, Justice League Beyond marks a new chapter in DC’s digital distribution strategy by being pushed out on a weekly basis,weighing it at half the page count of a normal comic per issue, but with each page neatly chopped in half to give you landscape sized images, perfect for reading on tablets or other digital devices. Every month the digital issues get collected and pushed out as a giant issue, meaning that it’s distribution model should hold something for everybody.

Konstriction comes from creators Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen, who work together on the script, and then switch hats to provide the art. And apart from doing a great job of introducing the characters of this futuristic Justice League, their main story is shaping up to be an absolute blast, containing all the necessary drama, action and twists that you expect from a Justice League tale.

On the art front, Dustin Nguyen provides the perfect stylized cartoony visuals associated with the Beyond universe, and although the style is simple, it does work, particularly if you are already familiar with the look and feel of the established futuristic universe.

Overall, this is a good one, with plenty of action, good visuals and a decent story, making it well worth picking up if you have the chance.