John Cassaday: Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper #2 Cover (2007) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 23 JUN 2012

2007 saw the launch of Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper by Virgin Comics from writers Guy Ritchie and Andy Diggle, with interior art from Mukesh Singh.

Plucked from the depths of Wikipedia: “The man known only as Brock lives a quiet existence as gamekeeper on a secluded Scottish estate. The tranquility is disrupted when Russian paramilitary mercenaries storm the estate and kill Jonah Morgan, Brock’s friend and owner of the estate. To avenge Jonah’s death and protect a secret equation, Brock must turn predator and journey deep into an unfamiliar, urban underworld.”

Issue two of this series featured the cover art of one John Cassaday, a popular American comic book artist known for both his cover and interior work. A self-taught illustrator, John is known for his meticulous quest for perfection, and has done some fantastic work for all the big boys in terms of Dark Horse, DC, Image, and Marvel!

In any event, this well done and particularly menacing cover showcases how simple lines and effective, but simple, coloring really can make a cover stand out!

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