Oupa Monty and Ouma Cheryl joined Chantelle, Jessie and myself for an impromptu visit to the always wonderful Butterfly World on Sunday, where we enjoyed a quick toasted sandwich as a late lunch, before happily entertaining ourselves by strolling through the various live exhibits and enjoying the fact that Jess was loving the experience so! (It was her first time to this marvellous little piece of the Cape)

Unfortunately the cold, overcast weather meant that the butterflies were pretty much a no show, but we knew that going in, and so focused our attention on all the other exhibits like the birds (which Jessie absolutely loved!), guinea pigs, marmosets, meerkats, and of course, the porcupines! (Funnily enough, this was the first time I’ve ever come across a porcupine in real life – they are much bigger than what I had imagined!)

A wonderful family outing like always! :)