As Superman aids the super-powered police force of New Metropolis, Lucinda Walters ponders her future after receiving a message from her late father, Lex Luthor.

Tied in with the futuristic titles Justice League Beyond and Batman Beyond, Superman Beyond #2 penned by J.T. Krul gives us an interesting look at a clearly tired Superman who no longer has a purpose nor feels that he belongs on this Earth any longer. Alongside this, we are treated to an interesting subplot as Lucinda Walters goes on a goose chase with a very surprising end result!

Art is handled by penciller Howard Porter with inks by Livesay and colors by Randy Mayor and despite being a little rushed and off proportion here and there, for the most part Porter’s work really suits the mood of the story, though it is surprising to see that for Superman Beyond they didn’t employ as stylized an artist as what they do for the other two Beyond titles.

It’s a decent issue with enough action to satisfy the boys and looks to be brewing up to quite a nice tale still to come.