The Turtles’ sewer home was destroyed by Old Hob and his army of Mechanical Mousers. In the chaos, Hob was able to abduct Master Splinter. Having just shown up to introduce the reporter April to the Turtles, Casey Jones finds himself recruited into their next move as they aim to locate and recover their stolen father!

Loads of action in this one as we first see Master Splinter infuriating the cat that is Hob, followed by some incredulous April moments and then all out action as the Turtles pick up their weapons and storm the facility which they believe is holding their dad.

Writers Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz come up with a solid, action-packed script for IDW’s TMNT issue 9, carrying all the trademark humor, drama and action that you’ve come to expect from a TMNT tale.

Artwork from Dan Duncan is sketchy and pretty angular, but his style happens to suit the book pretty well, and although perhaps not the most detailed of artists, his work does a great job of telling the story.

It won’t blow your socks off, but if you are already a TMNT fan, then you’ll probably enjoy this take on your old favourites.