Following the disaster in El Paso, Jaime Reyes has been forced to abandon his friends and family and flee with the Scarab to New York, where he hopes to be able to run into more established heroes and the process receive help and advice on how to better control his abilities and rather non-caring scarab parasite.

However, Blue Beetle is quick to discover that finding another hero in the Big Apple is a lot harder than one thinks, and as it turns out – it is far easier to run into yet another villain, though this particular bad guy appears to be pretty evenly matched!

Writer Tony Bedard pulls out a great script of a very confused, lost and lonely Blue Beetle, before diving into the requisite action by bringing in a new, enigmatic adversary who exhibits some pretty strange (and amazing abilities). Of course, this goes hand in hand with another shadowy figure pulling the strings in the background, setting us up for what will be a pretty exciting story arc by all accounts.

Marcio Takara churns out some great, detailed art, with good faces and proportions, yet retaining a very young and fresh feel to his pencils.

An enjoyable and intriguing outing with a good cliffhanger that leaves you eagerly awaiting the next instalment.