Seeing as Garth Ennis’ vicious Jennifer Blood turned out to be such a good seller for the comic book company, it’s no wonder that Dynamite attempted the cash-in by bringing about a spin-off in the form of The Ninjettes, written by Al Ewing, the very man Garth had just brought in to continue Jennifer Blood story.

Issue 2 of the blood-soaked female hired killers yarn is very much a back story event, as Al gives us a little more background on the deadly Daisy Lynch and her involvement with the Blutes, from the perspective of one of the gang members she used to run with back in the day.

Not much else happens here other than the visually off-putting cutting up of a body and then dissolving the pieces in acid, following the murder of her good for nothing father (in the previous issue) by Kelly who is now seemingly being groomed by Varja for the role of future assassin for hire.

It’s an easy enough, if a tad boring, read with a fair bit of violence, but to be honest, I didn’t really get much out of it at all – never mind actually enjoy it.

Eman Casallos handles the interior work and while certainly adequate, his inking over his pencils is far too shallow and without depth or detail, meaning that the colors from Inlight Studio end up doing more harm than good – all of which results in a very average visual experience that looks like it has been colored using techniques from a good five or six years ago!

(The cover art by Admira Wijaya is a completely different story mind you. Absolutely stellar piece, as you can see for yourself below.)

Overall, The Ninjettes issue 2 is not a very enjoyable book, nor is it a very good looking book, meaning that you’ll probably be okay in skipping this one and waiting until the real action (and dismemberment) starts kicking in.