So for the next four days I’m back to being a bachelor again, what with Chantelle and Jessica abandoning me to join Retha (who is taking a break from her South Korea English teaching job) for a nice four day long breakaway to Retha’s folks’ home in Nieuwoudtville.

The two of them picked up Retha and left on Thursday morning already, and from what I understand, should be returning home on Monday afternoon, just in time for Chantelle to pick up her first work shift in the evening. Shame, it is a long 4 to 6 hour drive for poor Jessica and mommy to endure, but as always I’m sure the payoff of a nice relaxing break from home will more than make up for it!

Anyway, it’s not like I’ve been left twiddling my thumbs this weekend mind you. I think this evening I’ll head over to the cinema to catch either Amazing Spider-man or Dark Knight Rises, Saturday will see me joining the pals for the rugby and a bit of a braai in the afternoon, followed by supper with Ryan and the folks, and capped off with me sleeping over at Ryan’s place. Sunday I’ll do some shopping in Bellville before heading off to join up with the friends in order to celebrate Zania’s birthday as well as break in Dean’s newly built braai room.

Yeah, so hopefully I’m kept busy enough such that I forget that I’m already missing my two loved ones. In any event, I’m hope they’re having a good time and that Jessie is at least giving mommy a little bit of a chance to rest!

(Had to chuckle though. First night off, and what do I do instead of putting my feet up to relax? I initiate a one-man braai while completely revamping the layout of the study. Sigh.)