Chantelle and Jessica left with Retha to visit the Vorster folks and family of Nieuwoudtville and Loeriesfontein, meaning that from Thursday afternoon to Monday evening, I was pretty much a bachelor again. Woo-hoo, untold freedom awaited!

Which is of course exactly why on Thursday evening, instead of putting my feet up and relaxing in front of the television, I found myself spending the whole evening completely rearranging the study. Right. Obviously I’ve been married for far too long now. In-between all of the taking apart and putting back together again of my PC setups, I did however manage to conduct a braai for myself, a little weird the act of braaing for one person I must add, but the results of which were pretty damn tasty!

Friday’s work day was split nicely in the middle by a company lunch, organised by Rudi to introduce the new new company organogram to Touchwork as well as bring everyone onboard with regards to all of the latest developments. The venue was once again the delightful Jake’s in Steenberg, and I have to say, as per usual their food was top notch!

At the end of the work day I decided to stop and take a short stroll along Muizenberg beach, for no other reason that for a change I had the time, and because I’ve never actually walked alone Muizenberg beach before. It was all right I guess, but the weather was a little grey and the chill factor a little to high to really say that I enjoyed it. But at least now I know what’s on the other side of the pavement I normally just drive along on my way to and from work!

Next stop for the evening was Somerset Mall, where I did a little bit of browsing through the book and DVD shops that were still open, before sauntering over to Panarottis and indulge in a sit down meal for one. Comixology on my phone provided the entertainment while I waited, and again I must say, the pizza was excellent and certainly a great way to kick off the night.

Having now successfully killed enough time, I was now able to stroll over to Ster Kinekor, where I easily grabbed an empty seat in the pretty packed cinema showing Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman outing, The Dark Knight Rises. I must say that it was pretty pleasant for a change to arrive for a movie early, go directly to my seat without first waiting outside the toilets or outside the snack lines which is standard operation for whenever I’m there with Chantelle.

As it turned out, I ended up a little too early in my seat for the movie, as a scheduling mistake between the website and the cinema meant that the start of the film was delayed by a good twenty minutes or so. Nevertheless, the movie did eventually start and I was pleased to receive a competent, well made Batman movie, certainly a great end piece to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. However, in the same breath I could also say ‘meh’ about the movie, as I didn’t exactly love it. The “voice-over” effect used to make Bane audible is a big gripe, as is the distinct lack of Batman for a large section of the movie, never mind the just overbearing darkness of the whole affair.

So to be honest, now I’m not completely sure that I should have allowed Tristan to convince me to see Dark Knight Rises instead of the Amazing Spider-man which I had originally been leaning towards.

Anyway, the movie was a good 2 hours and 45 minutes in length, meaning a late exit from the cinema, followed by a drive back home, only to be welcomed by a rather quiet house and a very hungry cat.

So yeah, a pretty decent way to start my home alone weekend then! :)