Last weekend certainly didn’t rank up there with the weekend before it in terms of social events, but it was nevertheless good to have wifey and child back in my life, even if wifey was working at the guest house for pretty much the whole weekend!

Friday and Saturday was Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes market preparation and market day respectively, and pleasingly the market went fairly well for Cheryl and myself, netting in a decent amount of sales and in the end being quite a plesant affair, what with us sandwiched in next to the cheese lady and Claudia, my favourite German baker. We even got a surprise visit from Terrance and his mom, as well as from both Mom’s cousin Marilyn and Karl’s mom Sue during our day of trading (which we extended a little in the end in order to cope with the flurry of purchases right at the death of the trading hours). Mom and Dad did a stunning job of looking after Jessica while I was busy with the market, while back home Chantelle had gotten a good start during her split with regards to all the baking for orders she had been commissioned to do, including the concrete-themed cake for Hypenica’s Tuesday Concrete.TV launch!

Sunday saw Jessica and myself spend an epic number of hours in the mall, hunting down a new long-sleeve warm top to finally replace the old Kopano long sleeve top that I’ve been wearing since at least 2003 now! (We did actually find something in the end mind you, an awesomely warm bright red jacket which I picked up at Pick ‘n Pay for a paltry R250. Chantelle keeps making the sounds of ambulance sirens every time I wear it, but still I like it, so there! :P)

While Jessica and I were out happily walking Somerset Mall from end to end, Chantelle on the other hand put the finishing touches on the spread she was commissioned to do for Andy’s Stork Party, and from all accounts it was quite the hit – as expected I might add!

At last Sunday evening rolled in which meant that Chantelle and I could finally spend some time together – which of course we did by inviting Terrance and his also currently visiting South Africa Japanese girlfriend Hitomi, Evan and Natasha (with little Evalynne of course), as well as Ryan to come through to Gordon’s Bay for a lovely evening braai, which saw plenty of conversation, baby playing, Shaun the Sheep, and of course the Olympics, not to mention a delicious combo of brownies with ice cream to sweeten the whole deal.

Of course, this late evening braai meant the house is still looking like a hurricane hit it (and we’re onto Wednesday already), but nevertheless, it was totally worth it! :)

So yeah, not too shabby a weekend then.

(Oh, and Chantelle totally completed her cake over the course of Sunday evening – which turned out pretty awesome as well in case you were wondering! Stolen from Hypenica’s FaceBook album:)