It was Chantelle’s off weekend last weekend, not that it changed our Friday evening much, seeing as she and I spent the whole evening doing market preparation for Saturday morning’s Willowbridge market. However, leading up to all that work in the evening, I must say that I enjoyed a fairly laid back end to the working day, where we had earlier capped the afternoon off with a treat and drinks laden farewell function for Simon who has now departed from Touchwork, followed by a rather epic table tennis doubles match with the boys to properly close off Friday.

Saturday saw Chantelle and myself run a rather successful Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes market while Cheryl and Monty looked after a rather bubbly Jessica. After packing up, dropping off everything at home and then counting all our money, Chantelle and I borrowed Jessie and took her over to Mom and Dad’s pad for a pleasant catch up visit, during which Dad and I successfully managed to completely tire poor little Jess out by chasing with her all over the house!

Jessica messily enjoying her very first cake pop!

Of course there was plenty of Saturday afternoon/evening rugby on as well, but unfortunately the Western Province and Springbok games were of a rather disappointing calibre, so much so that I missed a fair chunk of the late South Africa versus Argentina game by falling asleep on the couch! The highlight of the evening however had to be the delicious home-made pizzas that Chantelle and Robert whipped up to feed us, churning out four (way too much!) delectable masterpieces in the process.

Sunday was a fairly early start as we wanted to quickly check out the plastics shop in Northumberland Street, before shooting off towards Banhoek Valley near Stellenbosch in order to meet up with the friends at the always delightful Hillcrest Berry Orchard restaurant for some scones and cream, something Chantelle had been craving for quite some time now! We enjoyed a great afternoon out with Michelle and little Logan, Karl and Trish, Evan, Natasha and little Evalynne, and despite one or two mini tantrums which I quickly sorted out by first buying some colorful meringues and later a box to put them in for young Jess, I reckon the get together was a great success. The only regret is that the gloomy weather forced us to sit inside instead of outside with the usually stunning view, but I guess that simply means we need to do this again when the weather is a little better!

Chantelle and Jessica enjoying the Hillcrest Berry Orchard restaurant

From there Chantelle and Jessica drove on home to Gordon’s Bay, stopping first at the mall to purchase some new grippy shoes for Jessica at Woolworths, shoes that have turned out to be quite the hit with our little cutie pie. I on the other hand caught a lift back to Bellville with Evan and Natasha, where I picked up our second car (which had been left behind at the Montgomery pad) loaded with all the crates and leftovers from the market, before heading home myself.

The rest of the afternoon saw Chantelle and myself doing the big clean up operation, before we capped Sunday off with an awesome braai while watching the classic Oh Schuks its Schuster comedy airing on DSTV. Silly for sure, but oh so much fun!

So yeah, that was our weekend then, and looking back at it, I can’t say that it was a bad one at all! :)