We didn’t have a particularly eventful weekend last weekend, what with Chantelle working and Saturday of course being dominated by yet another market, and besides, with this horrible slimy cough I currently sit with, I can’t say that I would have changed anything anyway!

Friday evening was a frantic night for Chantelle, as she baked and prepped well into the early hours of the next morning, trying to get everything ready for Saturday morning’s market. Outside of taking a quick break for some KFC and catching up on Avatar: The Last Airbender, I wasn’t of much help to wifey as I was caught up in some work coding, meaning the two of us didn’t see all that much of one another Friday evening. (Of course, this lack of noisy interaction did mean Jessica could enjoy a more peaceful sleep over the course of the evening…)

This is what one is forced to do when one wants toast but there is no space to work in the kitchen thanks to all the market-related activities!

Saturday morning was an early start, as I got up at around 05:00 (in amidst hail and some pretty wet weather) to start loading up the car with all the baked goodies plus Jessica’s stuff, before eventually bundling her into the car and hitting the road to Bellville, where I dropped her off with Mom and Dad to look after her for the day.

From there I made my way through to the Uitsig Church in Bellville to drop off three Bar One cakes that had been ordered for sale in the church bazarre, before heading over to Willowbridge to help Cheryl and Monty set up the Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes stall, sandwiched next the dried fruits girl and jam lady (with annoying son) once again.

Funnily enough, the weather held pretty well over the course of the day, and outside of my constant coffee, warming cups of coffee and delicious breakfast steak pie, the stall kept decently busy, keeping Cheryl and myself on our toes for most of the day! (Sadly, the takings at the end of the day didn’t quite match the frenetic nature of the sales at day end money count – it would seem that smaller purchases were the order of the day!)

Having eventually finished up with the market for the day, I then headed back to Mom and Dad’s pad, where I discovered that an unexpected work call had resulted in Mom looking after Jessica all day, meaning Dad once again missed out on this golden opportunity! Nevertheless, he did return while I was still visiting, and by the look of it, quickly made up for lost time! :)

After spending a fair amount of time visiting with my folks, I then put the now in her pyjamas Jessica back in the car, and headed back home, where an ugly car accident on the N2 in Somerset West (never mind the awesome, lit up, 2 storey high Iron Man statue, standing menacingly with repulsor at the ready over the N2 and which has just recently popped up, without any explanation whatsoever) meant quite an extended journey home!

All that was left for the evening was some hotdogs for supper, some more Avatar the Last Airbender for entertainment, before rounding the night off by once again plonking down behind the keyboard and banging out some work code. (Note. My coughing eventually got me sleeping on the couch, so as not to wake up the two ladies. Needless to say, I could have had a better night’s sleep).

The aftermath of Jessica enjoying some of Chantelle’s delicious chocolate cake pops!

Sunday was a whole lot more relaxed, but unfortunately due to the incredibly high levels of illness across all the friends, we were forced to cancel our eagerly awaited 1 Day after Spring Day picnic at Klein Joostenberg, meaning a day at home for Jess and me, while Mommy slaved away at the guest house, training up her new assistant manager.

What we did get up to was take plenty of long walks (Jessica is a lot stronger on her legs now, but still very doubtful over her own abilities, meaning that she refuses to let go of your hand to try and walk by herself). We played on the park’s slide, Chantelle joined us for a spot of shoe shopping at the mall, and in general just relaxed and lazed around, cleaned the house, watching of course plenty of Avatar: The Last Airbender to pass the time in between!

Evening eventually came, Chantelle finished up at work and we enjoyed a yummy supper of pan-fried chops whilst watching the entertaining Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in Bandidas, before capping off what was a fairly uninspired weekend in the end.

Oh well, at least that damn annoying cough is starting to get slightly better…