This video post kind of slipped through the cracks, but I’ve found it now and so it is up on the World Wide Interwebs for, well the world to see! :P

One of the things Jessica seems to love doing when bathing is move all of the bath toys out of the bath and into the hand basin, which she can just reach if she stands up in the bath. Of course, now she is a lot more sturdy on her legs than what she used to be, making this a far less risky behaviour than right in the beginning!

You’ll note the rather off putting colour of the bath water in this one. For a short time, Chantelle experimented with letting Jessica bath in tea water – essentially tossing a handful of tea bags in the bath water. Of course, this did result in a rather strangely coloured bath experience, and funnily enough, on this particular evening when this was shot, one of the teabags had broken open, resulting in far more dubious looking bath water than what one would normally get! :)

As for whether or not the tea actually worked… well the verdict is still out on that one.