Although we kind of put the brakes on all our interior decorating desires for the house ages ago, I must say that the addition of the furry carpet in the braai room has really turned it from being a bit of an unused white elephant into Jessica’s and my personal playground.

Jessica watching Shaun the Sheep

(This could of course largely be attributed to the fact that the front half of the braai room is now officially regarded as Jessica’s playroom – basically all the toys are stored there these days!)

So apart from the rather obvious braais and usage of the area as a storage locale for all Chantelle’s baking ingredients, Jessica and I use the braai room to:

a) watch Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time
b) read books together (and by read I mean page through books)
c) play xbox (and wrestle the controller away from Jessica)
d) press every conceivable button available
c) play with the Lego blocks
d) torture Olympus the cat
e) braai (funnily enough)

In any event, there really isn’t much of a point to this particular post – I merely needed an excuse to post these two pictures of Olympus looking not so amused with Daddy and Jessica! :)

Olympus being not particularly impressed with Jessica and myself

Trying to play it nonchalant, despite the two rather colorful rings that have been placed on his unsuspecting tail

Needless to say, those two pictures make this entire post worth it. Of course, I’ll throw in a random braai photo just to make this whole thing that little more legit: