There is a nationwide killing spree on the go, the latest victims discovered in New York. One grizzly detail though – all the corpses are missing their brains – and by a young eyewitness’ account, the perpetrator appears to be none other than Wolverine himself!

Meanwhile, Wolverine has upped and disappeared from his school, and with recurring blackouts and nightmarish visions tormenting him, seeks out the cause of what, or whom, might be behind all of this – the answer of which probably lies at the nightmarish and long abandoned Dunwich Sanitorium…

With a new writer on board, Wolverine #305 kicks off with a new story arc entitled “Rot”, written by Wolverine newcomer Cullen Bunn.

It’s a pretty dark and twisted setup issue for what looks like it is going to turn into quite a satisfying, drama heavy, horror-driven tale, and does an excellent job in terms of bringing everyone up to speed and laying out Bunn’s take on the rather dark but now balanced character that is Logan.

In addition to the broody, dark horror setup, Bunn also manages to throw in plenty of slice and dice action, as he has Wolverine cut up a number of beasties made up of dripping human parts, courtesy of one very deranged, and dangerous individual, who doesn’t quite reveal himself until the very last page – in only a way that he could!

In other words, this is a comic well worth picking up.

Artwork is delivered courtesy of penciler Paul Pelletier, inker David Meikis and colorist Rain Beredo, and together they form quite a team, with Paul’s detailed pencils receiving just the right amount of weight from Meikis meticulous inks.

Visually, Wolverine #305 doesn’t put a step wrong, and combined with a fantastic story from Cullen, it really is worth picking up.