Unlike last year’s Heritage Day (aka Braai Day to just about every man-in-the-street South African), Chantelle and I didn’t actually take the time to braai – though to be fair we had just come off an awesome Sunday family braai hosted at our place, which I detailed a little earlier this week.

What did however do was have a proper day off. Well sort of. You see, Chantelle packed Jessica in with her folks as they left on Sunday evening, meaning Chantelle and I enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing, uninterrupted night of movies and sleep, followed by a fairly lazy morning of catching up on bed and household chores time.

This was followed by a trip through to Somerset Mall, where we enjoyed a very successful pricing trip, locating an awesome solid pine shelving unit for the braai room (to replace my wonky garden shed metal shelves which currently play host to Chantelle’s varied baking ingredients and necessities), a second fridge (also destined for the braai room and Chantelle’s ingredients), as well a dishwasher – which will be Chantelle’s main assistant for when she starts doing this full-time start December. So with everything now sourced, all that is left is to buy the stuff – which should happen in the next couple of days seeing as my bonus has already come through following all that hard work I put in on our big “Project 161” project at work over the last couple of months!

More exciting than all of the above though was the lucky break we got as we pulled into the parking lot at Fruit and Veg City, spotting a man carrying the exact plastic container we’ve been searching for well over a month and a half now! You see, a while back we stumbled across this awesome plastic container, high enough for Chantelle’s cupcakes, very stackable, lockable lids and removable dividers at Mambo’s Plastics Warehouse, where we bought the last and only two they still had left in stock – and after discovering just how awesome these containers really are, we’ve been searching high and low for more of them, without any luck up until now!

Anyway, Chantelle immediately altered course, pulled into a parking bay, I jumped out and ran into the Plastics for Africa shop, grabbing a handful of these containers and hoisting them into the air, a huge grin on my face as I awaited Chantelle’s arrival in the store.

After that bit of win, Chantelle treated the two of us to a light lunch at Limnos Bakery in the Mall, before we headed home and Chantelle got ready for work, while I hopped into my car and made the long trip through to Bellville.

There I met up with Ryan for some epic and enjoyable FIFA clashes on the XBOX 360, though it was a pity that none of the other guys could join us – it’s seriously difficult to do something spontaneous when everyone is now married! :P

After two hours of digital soccer, I handed back Ryan’s controller and drove through to the Montgomery stronghold, where I caught up a bit with Cheryl and Robert, before swiping back my little Jessica and driving her home for a lazy bedtime routine, followed by some peace and quiet as I awaited Chantelle’s late return from work.

So yeah, no braai for me this Heritage Day, but I don’t think that I completely wasted this public holiday Monday in the end! :)