It bothers me greatly when I see misspellings on official government or municipal signage, mainly because it means that these incorrect spellings of words or use of grammar must have slipped through multiple nets and sign-offs in order to arrive in its final printed state, bearing gaffe for all to wonder and marvel at in its new public position.

Like this one in front of Gordon’s Bay’s main beach, just next to the Sunset Spur. Charming, this sign now makes it look as if fireworks are primarily the domain of people speaking with a heavy Chinese accent, you know, those “discharching” all of the fireworks!



(On this whole note though – now that I’ve written the above, I seem to recall a terrible gaffe when Commerce I.T. designed and stuck up the plague for the newly completed TsiBA computer lab – with glaring spelling mistake and all – a spelling mistake which I had completely missed when I was asked to give the go ahead on the copy. So I guess this sort of thing really does just sometimes sort of happen – though in our defense, we pretty much took it down on the spot and had it replaced ASAP before any big wig could properly take notice! :P)