How to Quickly Increase or Descrease the Font Size in NetBeans IDE CodeUnit 16 OCT 2012

NetBeans IDE lets you quickly and easily develop Java desktop, mobile, and web applications, while also providing great tools for PHP and C/C++ developers. It is free and open source and has a large community of users and developers around the world.

Quite by accident (and a little annoyingly), I discovered that there is a nifty little “shortcut” to increase or decrease the text size in the Java-powered NetBeans IDE, basically the ability to zoom in and zoom out on your code.

To do this, simply hold down the Ctrl button and scroll with the mouse wheel – essentially the same trick you would use to zoom in or zoom out of a web page using any modern browser.

Useful in a way I guess.

[UPDATE] NetBeans 7.2 changes the behaviour slightly – now you need to initiate a press down click on the scroll wheel whilst scrolling to increase/decrease the font size. No keyboard assistance required!]

Anyway, if you want to make more permanent changes to your default font, font size and color scheme, you could always just open up the Tools -> Options -> Fonts & Colors menu…

(Also, if you want to disable this functionality in the IDE, simply go to Tools -> Options -> Keymap and change the entries under Zoom Text In and Zoom Text Out actions.)

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