Pleasingly, this weekend past was a lot happier than the weekend before that, probably due to the fact it was Chantelle and my first off weekend in something like eight weeks, and even more important than that, Jessica had finally managed to kick the multiple infections that had been making her life miserable for the last week, meaning a happy and fun toddler for us to deal with for a change! :)

Two weekends ago saw the arrival of my sister Claire and husband Riley’s first ever child, a healthy little boy named Devon. Outside of that ray of awesome news, the rest of the weekend was a pretty disastrous/dull affair, what with a sick Jessica, a sick Chantelle and a fairly poor Willowbridge market to contend with. The only rays of sunshine was the copious amount of Bad Company 2 on the XBOX 360 that I managed to fit in, as well as the Sunday late afternoon pancakes I whipped up for the Lotter household.

Oh, the other cool thing that did however happen on the Sunday of that dreary weekend was the creation of my first standalone WordPress plugin (entitled “Thumbnails in Admin Post Listing”), a simple but effective beast I find. I still haven’t gotten around to uploading it to the official WordPress directory just yet, but for now you can grab it off this site, so all isn’t quite lost.

So as you can imagine, following on from all of that, last week was a trying affair then, thanks to a sickly Chantelle and a Jessica toddler who managed to pick up 6 different infections all at once. I must say that both sets of grandparents were wonderful in coming to the rescue in terms of caring during work hours, but nevertheless, it was a rather depressing week.

However, all of that was quickly forgotten thanks to the big weekend off last weekend, the Friday of which started out pretty poorly (in that I opted to do a whole lot of Project Administration work-related stuff), before slipping into high gear as we ended the evening off with a movie, showing on the full DSTV package which Monty had opened up for us in anticipation of watching the big Western Province versus Lions Currie Cup semi-final on Saturday!

Speaking of Saturday, it was an early start as I prepped the kitchen for the arrival of the Montgomery Clan plus labourer, who on arrival set about removing the counter top on the side of the kitchen housing the fridge, followed by the removal and then shortening of our grocery cupboard, before the re-addition of a full-length counter top, over and above the newly finished plumbing and electrical extensions, never mind the hastily laid tiles.

The end result, a wonderfully reworked side of the kitchen which now gives us additional working counter space, and a reduction of kitchen cupboard space in exchange for the new-found ability of slotting in our brand spanking new dishwasher next to the clothes washing machine!

And if you are wondering about the reduced kitchen storage space, never fear – I bought a big pine linen cupboard for R3,000 from Pine City to slot into the braai room, in order to act as storage for both our food, Chantelle’s baking ingredients, and excess cutlery. Nice! (Note, something not quite so nice was the hugely extended shopping trip Chantelle took Cheryl and myself out on. The linen cupboard was pretty much bought at the beginning of the trip. My poor aching feet!)

With the men having finished all the kitchen work, leaving only minor clean up to do, it was time to grab a beer, put the feet up and patiently wait for Chantelle to finish the four awesome home made pizzas destined to be the evening’s sustenance. Pleasingly, Western Province managed to snatch a win out of the jaws of defeat in the dying seconds of the game, meaning that the alcohol and pizza were a sign of celebration, instead of what it so nearly could have been had we lost.

Robert opted to sleep over the evening, but come Sunday morning we booted him out, grabbed Jessica and made a quick stop by the shops, before making the drive through to Constantia in order to meet up with Claire and Riley at their home, the goal of which was to meet the adorable newborn little Devon of course! As luck would have it, while we were visiting with the Carpenters, Mom, Dad and the two Grans also pitched up on their doorstep, in the process turning the afternoon into quite the family affair. (Shame, though their lovable Alsatian puppy Rocky kept Jessica pretty terrified for rather large chunks of the day!)

The evening wasn’t all that special, but nevertheless, a much, much better weekend than the previous one, and I must say that I quite enjoyed being off from all the market-related activities for a change.

That said, this weekend coming I am covering both Willowbridge on Saturday and Hathersage on Sunday, meaning no rest break for poor little ol’ me this time around! :)