Unfortunately the live-action outing for Green Lantern didn’t really catch anyone’s attention (not really a surprise there to be honest), but nevertheless, the guys at DC and the television studios decided that there is still money to be had from the emerald green franchise, the end result of which is this, Green Lantern: The Animated Series. To be fair, a different, more specific title would probably have gone down much better.

Anyway, the main plot revolves around vicious Red Lanterns who seem to be making it their business to kill off all the Green Lanterns patrolling the remote border planets. Of course, impulsive test pilot Hal Jordan can’t stand by and do nothing, and with the aid of Kilowog, steals an experimental ship to head out on an intercept and assist mission to the farthest reaches of space!

The series and scenarios are actually well written, and each episode serves to drive the main storyline, a great thing to come across in any animated series. And whilst there is some humor to be had, on the whole, Green Lantern: The Animated Series is far more about delivering a steady dose of drama intermixed with plenty of GL action!

The voice acting cast do a sterling job by bringing their respective characters alive with exactly the right attitudes, all of which is then wrapped up in some neat background music.

The animation front pleases me a little less though. In a very similar vein to Star Wars: Clone Wars, the producers have gone with the CG approach, the result of which is some fairly stiff characters and a loss of some of the more stylized, outlandish action that would have been a snap to include if animating using the traditional 2D method.

Still, the CG isn’t all that bad and it does have a style all of its own, meaning it is passable, and probably not such a hurdle if you are already sold on the look of Star Wars: The Clone Wars franchise.

Overall, it really isn’t a bad series to watch, the stories are well told and very engaging. There is plenty of super hero action to be had, as well as the necessary drama associated with it. Unfortunately the animation is a little stiff thanks to having gone the full CG route, but oh well, this is still a decent enough addition to the animated DC Comics universe.

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