Last weekend was pretty uneventful, but pleasingly I came out of it pretty relaxed, so it couldn’t have been all that bad! :P

As per usual, Friday night was eaten up by Chantelle preparing for the market until the early morning hours, with me supporting her wherever she lets me, as well as squeezing in a touch of blogging and some work on her rather dormant site (finally!).

Being her off weekend, Chantelle and I ran Saturday morning’s Willowbridge market stall, with Cheryl looking after Jessica. Unfortunately with all the Christmas markets and festivals going on in the area, foot traffic was pretty much non-existent at Willowbridge, meaning that the takings for the day was one of our lowest ever. Very disheartening, but not entirely unexpected. Chantelle did have a couple of very promising business meetings to attend to during the day, so at least that brightened the picture just a little.

Wanting to leave ourselves as much of Sunday off as what we possibly could, we opted to not sleep over in Bellville any more (originally Chantelle was meant to be watching a play with her family, but as the lead actress fell sick, these plans got scuppered), and while Chantelle stuck around a bit longer for one of her meetings as well as a quick visit to Andri, I scurried off home and got a head start on the (pretty much always after a Friday night) massive tidying up mission.

Chantelle and Jessica eventually arrived home and after a successful transfer of a sleeping Jessica into her cot, we were quite overjoyed to find that for a change, we could actually have an early night in bed, something we both quite needed!

Sunday was a nice lazy start, with everyone in a good mood and absolutely nothing on the agenda. And while the morning was spent lazing about, we did at least gather some energy to head out to the shops in the afternoon, though not before we first had to take some scenic tours in order to allow for Jessica to grab enough sleep time in the back of the car!

The plastics shop at the mall proved to be an excellent stop once again, with us stocking up on even more containers for use with the markets, though without a doubt the hit of the day was a plastic ball which Jess spotted, and then continued to chase around the shop for the duration of our shop! Stodels was the next big hit for the afternoon, with Jess thoroughly enjoying all the animals in the pets section (she can now say the words “fishies” and “rat”), as well as the jumping castle, various slides and swings!

We finished up with a trip through to our home Pick ‘n Pay, grabbing all our braai necessities before heading home to wait for my folks’ arrival whilst playing outside with Jessica and the new love of her life, her pink plastic ball.

Mom, Dad and Ryan eventually arrived following their day of golf out in Langebaan, and what followed was a fantastic evening of family and braai, with the conversation flowing well into the evening, capping off what had been a rather relaxing and slow-paced weekend for a change!