I suspect that I’m not quite as focussed as I used to be. The other day whilst I was manning the market stall with Cheryl, I abandoned my post in order to go and withdraw some money from the Willowbridge ABSA ATM machine.

I absent-mindedly waited in the queue until it was my turn to utilize the machine, and when the time arrived, I confidently strode up, put my debit card into the slot, selected a language and then hit the Proceed button.

The ATM then happily spat my card back out at me informing me that the PIN was incorrect.

Which made sense considering that I had somehow forgotten to type it in before hitting the Proceed button!

Anyway, round two went far more smoothly, as I entered the amount to withdraw, waited for the transaction to complete, retrieved my card and walked away.

Having walked a couple of metres away, I noted to myself as I placed my card into my wallet that the wallet was still pretty empty. It was right then that I did a sharp turn, rushed back towards the ATM and grabbed my money out of the still loudly beeping ATM.


Attentiveness. Not quite what it used to be.