I mentioned a while ago how excited I was to stumble across an alternative/rock radio station on the Cape Town airwaves, finally giving me something worth listening to in the car.

Unfortunately for me though, the excitement didn’t last for all that long, because quite unexpectedly, the event licence they were using in order to be allowed on the airwaves expired, meaning the plug was pulled and they disappeared from both the airwaves (91.3 FM) and their streaming audio channel (afm.radiostream.co.za).

It took a month or two but finally they got the go ahead from ICASA to return to the airwaves (though from what I understand, still not on a permanent licence), and needless to say I’m stoked. You have seriously no idea of just how hard it was returning to and trying to listen to the likes of 5FM, KFM or any other radio station we have active in my surrounds.

Seriously, it got so bad that I was forced to buy two CDs just to have something to listen to in the car, the first being Limp Bizkit’s Greatest Hitz, and the second a greatest hits album from Blink 182. Both of which have been pretty awesome in supporting me during my long commute during AFM’s downtime by the way.

Anyway, I’m still not entirely digging the DJ lineup, but a plus is that they have now lost the ill-fitting Darren Scott’s Ballz afternoon drive feed, meaning even more time for some pretty rad alternative and rock, both Afrikaans and English (the majority) in case you’re wondering – after all, they are primarily an Afrikaans radio station.

They’ve had a little bit of bad luck here and there with lightning strikes and power interruptions, and their playlist is still a little on the short side, but despite all that it is SERIOUSLY good to have them back!

Good luck guys.

(And if you’re interested in keeping up with all the goings on, catch the on FaceBook – they seem to enjoy the activity).