Chantelle was on duty this weekend (seriously, I can’t wait for the end of the month to arrive so that she’s finally finished with all this shift work of hers), leaving Jessica to spend a lot of time with Oupa and Ouma while I handled the double barrel market events of Saturday and Sunday.

Shame, it was aweomse of Cheryl, Monty and Rob to help look after Jess this weekend, because outside of some cool beach time with softserve goodness and a late afternoon trip to the guest house for a visit for Jess and myself, it was Cheryl and Monty looking after Jessica for the whole of Saturday in Bellville, Rob looking after Jess on Sunday morning in Gordon’s Bay, and Monty and Cheryl looking after Jess for the rest of Sunday afternoon, also in Gordon’s Bay.

As for myself, apart from the few episodes I managed to take in of The Big Bang Theory over the weekend (I’m finally getting around to seeing this hit series – and so far so good!), it was a solo-run Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes stall at Willowbridge for the whole of Saturday, followed by another solo-run Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes stall at Hathersage on Sunday.

Unfortunately Willowbridge continued to be a big letdown for us in terms of sales, despite the beautiful weather and prime time of month, the collective effect of there just being too many craft and christmas markets currently on the go in the Northern Suburbs impacting foot traffic heavily. Nevertheless, it still continues to be one of our primary marketing channels in terms of Chantelle’s cake orders – in fact she had a brilliant week of orders, bringing in more that just pocket change with it, and pretty much resigning the disappointing Willowbridge market to the back of our minds.

Sunday’s Hathersage turned out to be not that much better though, a surprise considering just how well we had done two weeks ago. However, I suspect that similar logic to that affecting Willowbridge applies, and the fact that the morning started off overcast most certainly didn’t help!

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the markets, always lots of fun to be out and about and interacting with people, I did enjoying playing with all our new, colorful “monopoly” money which I saw a fair bit of over the weekend, I did seriously enjoy all the Big Bang Theory I absorbed in the evenings, and of course, the Springboks managed to do enough to beat the Irish.

So a busy weekend then in other words, but not a particularly horrible one! :)