Remember a while ago when I mentioned that I went ahead and spent that bonus I received for the project completed at work on new appliances for the Chantelle’s baking from home business?

What I forgot to mention is that subsequent to buying the appliances, my father-in-law Monty scored me a rather big saving, putting a tidy little sum of money back into my pocket – and all by noting Game’s we’ll match any price policy!

They don’t usually make a big song and dance about it or advertise it in your face, but for years Game has had a policy whereby they’ll match the price of any good if you can find the same good for cheaper elsewhere, and similarly will refund you the difference if you find the good which you just purchased from them elsewhere for a lower price within 21 days of your purchase.

Now I didn’t even think of this, but Monty did, especially when he tracked down the dishwasher selling for R600 less at Tafelberg in Bellville. So off to Somerset Mall we went, and while I was keeping young Jessica entertained, Chantelle and Cheryl approached the help desk, waited as they called through to verify Tafelberg’s price, and then refunded the R600 onto my credit card.

Seriously awesome little bonus and definitely something I’ll keep in mind when making future big purchases from Game! :)