I was blessed this weekend by Cheryl and Rob offering to run the Willowbridge Market stall on Saturday, giving me what felt like the first market-free weekend in absolute ages! (Unfortunately as it turned out, foot traffic was again at super low levels, meaning that the day ended up being one of our worst market experiences to date! Oh well, hopefully next weekend’s triple market showing will do better at bringing some money in.)

Anyway, while I was off market duty for the weekend, Chantelle was not, and thanks to two awesome custom birthday cakes (A Buzzbee and a skateboard cake) for collection on Saturday, she worked completely through the night on Friday, though to be fair, I also only ended up hitting the sack at 01:00 – but not because I was baking cake obviously. What the two of us did however manage to squeeze in on Friday night was to grab a couple of minutes here and there, sit down to two delicious Scooters pizzas, and catch a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory season 2 – before splitting up to go our separate ways again, mine which ended up including quite a bit of late night blogging for a change!

Early Saturday morning Jessica and I woke up, packed the car and hit the road, transporting all the goodies through to Cheryl and Rob who were waiting to set up the Willowbridge stall. Chantelle had asked me to stay in Bellville for the next couple of hours in order to give her time to clean up in preparation for Sunday’s informal birthday bash, so Jess and I spent some time Pick ‘n Pay (both Willowbridge and Tygervalley), Toy Land, Toys R Us, eventually walking free with nothing else but two cute stuffed toys and some plain t-shirts for me.

From there we popped over to Ryan’s pad for a nappy change and some catch up time with my boet, before heading over to McDonalds where Jess and I neatly sat down and shared a medium two cheeseburger meal. This was noteworthy because I taught Jessica how to dip her fries in tomato sauce, which needless to say proved quite entertaining. Now on the last leg of our morning away from home, Jess and I drove through to Stodels, where on arrival I first needed to clutch a sleeping toddler whilst swinging on a handy garden bench, before she was back in the game and we spent a decent bit of time wandering about and taking in all the cool animals and fish that they have there.

Having given Chantelle enough time at home now, we finally headed back, where after a little bit of family time spent together, Chantelle and Jessica headed off for a long afternoon nap on the bed, whilst I pulled out an old copy of Spriggan and re-acquainted myself with this fast paced action anime 90’s classic.

With the house and garden now all spotless thanks to Chantelle and Isaak’s efforts, the evening saw the three of us hit Pick ‘n Pay for supper supplies, as well as deal with a nasty teeth biting into lip incident when Jessica toppled over hard whilst trying out a plastic bike we were thinking of buying her. Guess we’ll wait for another few centimetres before pursing that one again!

Jessica in bed, it was then time for Chantelle and I to enjoy some homemade burgers in front of the television with some more Big Bang Theory episodes to entertain us, before an exhausted wifey decided to retire for the night, leaving me to play around on the PC a bit before too succumbing to the siren of sleep.

And then Sunday was the big friends and family get together for the informal celebration of Jessica’s birthday (which had taken place on the previous Wednesday in case you were wondering). But more about the gathering in another blog post methinks.

So yeah, it ended up being a pretty decent weekend, particularly because there was no market time for me! That said, I’m already pencilled in to handle a market on both Saturday and Sunday next week. Yay me…