The Animated Character Single-Item Wardrobe Syndrome. This is something that Chantelle picked up on a while ago, noting that in all the various animated television series that I watch, the characters always pretty much wear a single change of clothing.

Of course, we all know that it helps with character recognition and thus makes sense to do, but outside of that, it is pretty hard to explain without looking too silly.

Anyway, the the other day while I was hanging up our washing I noted that 95% of our washing line was decked out in black garments, with the remaining 5% light. And then it struck me: for the last year or so I have pretty much worn two variations of the same outfit for each and every day – either a plain black t-shirt and my light long shorts when I’m out and about or stuck at work, or alternatively a plain white t-shirt and black shorts when I’m relaxing at home.

Gasp, I’m just like a cartoon character!

Chantelle must SO be tired of my fashion by now – still, there’s always the bright side.

At least I make it easier for her to recognise me! :)