I first came into contact with the wonderful and thoroughly entertaining Tamashii Daiko group through a mutual link via our karate dojo, and thought it worthwhile to promote if you’re looking to pick up on something new in the Helderberg region. Taiko is the Art of Japanese drumming and not very well known in South Africa. It is one of the Martial Arts and has its roots in the ancient arts of Japan, with more than 2000 years of history.


Taiko has been used for many reasons and for many occasions, notably in Temples to honour the gods, during wartime to motivate the troops, to put up the boundaries of a village with the sounds of the drum and, of course, to highlight the many Japanese celebrations and festivals. And while the original traditions remain, like other Japanese arts Taiko has also evolved into more modern forms.

Modern Taiko finds a place in both formal and informal entertainment. It is popular both for players as well as audiences. In practising the way of Taiko, one learns to combine concentration, focus, discipline, teamwork and self-control with the ability to learn methodically. As a bonus, it is a great physical workout and is also loads of fun.

Practising Taiko is not just playing a drum. As with all Japanese art forms, it is also a spiritual Way that is reached through continual practice. Indeed, you only discover the most amazing part of Taiko when you reach your limits and pass beyond them.

Since 2009 Taiko has found fertile grounds here in South Africa. Especially in the Western Cape, in Somerset West, Tamashii Daiko is enjoying increasing interest.

Ursula Coenen, the leader of Tamashii Daiko studied Taiko in Germany and Japan. When she retired to South Africa in 2008, she wanted to join a Taiko group, but because there were no Taiko Groups in SA, she went ahead and founded the Taiko Group Tamashii Daiko.

The name Tamashii means Soul, and so far, Tamashii Daiko appears to be the first and only Taiko Group in South Africa.

For more information or simply to get in touch, visit their website at http://www.tamashii.co.za/