Stumbled across this in some of my archived documents, and thought it fun to post up here. One of the many things I did while employed by Commerce I.T., part of the Faculty of Commerce from the University of Cape Town was to design screensavers for the various computer labs, mainly because I was the only one there who could create things in Macromedia Flash, never mind the fact I was the only one onboard who could use Adobe Photoshop!

university of cape town faculty of commerce web banner

In addition to creating graphics and screensavers for the various side projects Commerce I.T. found itself involved in, once a year I would be asked to come up with a new screensaver for the Faculty of Commerce Open Day to be displayed on the lab machines, and as it turns out, this is the one I whipped up for 2004’s outing. Not exactly a thing of beauty looking at it now, but hey, it got the job done! :)

(Unlike my earlier attempts at screensavers which left an image burned on the 700 or so lab computer monitors. Not my proudest moments I have to admit!)

2004 UCT Faculty of Commerce Open Day Screensaver