So I made two last big purchases here at the death of my Christmas vacation period, the first being a humongous KIC 438 litre chest freezer for Chantelle’s booming Cookies & Cakes business (though I could probably fit a whole springbok in there with relative ease), for R3,600 from Tafelberg Furnishers here in Somerset West, following up on a lead that Monty picked up for us the previous day. We were in the shop 9:00 yesterday morning, and by 13:00 our brand new chest freezer was standing proudly in what was formerly my braai room, now Chantelle’s baking supplies pantry.

new kic 450 chest freezer in braai room at country mews

new kic chest freezer in braai room at country mews

However, as exciting as this chest freezer and the possibilities it brings with it is, it didn’t beat the pure joy my other big purchase brought to the house (which was also delivered yesterday afternoon as luck would have it) – Jessica’s very first bed, a beautiful white single bed from Pine City (R1,200) and a decent mattress from the always helpful Bed City (R800). Of course we made sure to properly kit it out, the result being a beautiful little girl’s bed that had Jessica diving on top of it out of pure happiness (and naturally with a lot of chants of “myne, myne, myne”).

And as you can see from the pictures below, it would seem to get the thumbs up from Mommy too!

chantelle lotter testing new single bed

chantelle and jessica lotter testing new single bed

Of course, all these new purchases meant a huge reshuffle of the house, which basically had me on my feet working from morning to night, shifting things around as sorting out various DIY and tidying up tasks.

Needless to say, I was rather overjoyed when at 21:30 Chantelle served up our supper of Southern Fried Chicken Strips, vegging out for the next while on the couch with some Big Bang Theory for company.

(It’s useful to also note that the previous evening I helped Chantelle out on her apron-themed kitchen tea cake order for Claire, creating and cutting out numerous little fondant shapes, things like kitchen utensils, lingerie, and of course plenty of dickerdoodles. Didn’t turn out too badly but I am now pretty sure that I don’t particularly want to be doing cakes for a living!).

Right. Now to try and do something relaxing (and less expensive) for the last two days of my holiday! :)