craig lotter with olympus the catLast night was pretty cool in that Retha and Miguel came over to visit, this being the first time that Miguel has set foot in South Africa after a long 2 year absence! The four of us took Jessie out for some sun-downer Spur, before heading home for coffee and some of Chantelle’s delicious baked cheesecake as dessert. However, this wasn’t the only reason that last night kind of stood out: for the first time in nearly 5 years, there was no familiar bundle of fur lying on the couch or waiting to greet us outside, no meowing as supper time approached, and no bowls of water and pellets littering the kitchen floor.

Yes, we are finally cat free – at long last Olympus has found a new home! :)

We first got Olympus as a kitten (together with Coco) way back in June 2008, and up until Jessica was born two and a bit years ago, he was a central part of our little family. Unfortunately though, as responsibilities piled up and both Chantelle and I got more and more busy, he started to become more of a nuisance than an asset and a while back we made the decision that should we run into any loving homes that would take our cats off of our hands, then we’d happily give them away.

Of course with Achilles having such a soft spot in Monty’s heart, it was no wonder that we managed to get rid of him pretty quickly, but it was a different story with Olympus. However, that all finally changed when one of the girls at the Sacred Ground Deli in Franschhoek learned that we were trying to give away our cat, and seeing as she lives alone, loves animals and really, really could do with some feline company, it just seemed like the perfect match.

So anyway, Chantelle made the kitty transfer on Wednesday afternoon and so far we haven’t gotten a call demanding to take him back, or to tell us that he’s run away, so all’s well that ends well then I guess.


Well, I’m sure Chantelle will get more feedback on how the kitty transfer is going during her next delivery to Franschhoek this week anyway (tomorrow funnily enough), but so far I must say that I am yet to miss the furry little critter. As it turns out, it doesn’t seem like Jess has spotted him missing either. Only Chantelle reckons she misses him a little, which just goes to show, I’m obviously not much of a pet person any more…

So yes, goodbye adorable Mr. Olympus, thank you for all the love you’ve shown us over the years and sorry that we couldn’t quite return it in the end. Nevertheless, I am sure you’ll enjoy all the love, care and attention that your new owner will provide – which she’d better do unless she likes the prospect of having dead “presents” delivered to her bedroom door!