If you are a developer and you make use of the Windows operating system, then you will undoubtedly be more than just a little familiar with the fantastic PuTTY telnet/ssh client written and maintained by Simon Tatham.

I manage a fair number of servers over SSH and it is always a problem when I change my primary work machine as there isn’t a simple way to transfer all of your Saved Sessions over to the new machine.

Or rather, there isn’t any obvious way of doing it.

Turns out that exporting your Saved Sessions is a matter of registry manipulation, as the software saves everything over there. This makes it a simple task of exporting all the relevant keys using Window’s standard regedit utility and then importing them on the new PC.

To achieve, fire up a command prompt and enter:

regedit /e "%userprofile%\Desktop\putty-registry-export.reg" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simontatham

This will generate a .reg file on your desktop which you can then move across to your new machine. Once there, you can either restore using regedit and the /s switch, or simply right-click on the file and select the top “Merge” option.