I’ve been a little absent from these pages the last little while, so sorry for that.

Other than the little bit of rain we enjoyed two weekends ago, it has been pretty uncomfortably hot and humid here in Cape Town over the last while, meaning that I haven’t exactly been quite as active as what I maybe could have been.

Nevertheless, I have over the last couple of weeks visited with both my folks as well as my in-laws, I’ve discovered HeroClix at Ryan’s pad, I’ve enjoyed Panarottis with Ryan and then marvelled at Jenna Viva with Chantelle for a Valentine’s Day luncheon. I’ve battled Robert in Blur and Ryan in FIFA, fought alongside Ryan in Army of Two: The 40th Day, and not to mention caught the awesome History Channel documentary entitled “South Africa: Miracle Rising”, which was enough to make my chest swell up in pride at what we’ve achieved, but in the same breath also cringe with sadness when confronted with some of the dark acts that South Africans are sometimes capable of doing.

I ran a successful Hathersage market while Chantelle stayed home to bake (not to mention collect a speeding fine or two on her many travels through Stellenbosch to Franschhoek), and on the Touchwork work front, I’ve pretty much not had a lunch break in who knows how long now, so much is my current workload! (Though I did get a small raise which of course was mucho appreciated.)

south africa versus pakistan - proteas test match at newlands cricket stadium

I’ve watched Wreck-it Ralph with Chantelle on a date night and then enjoyed a day off from Chantelle and Jess by spending a Saturday at Newlands watching the third day of South Africa versus Pakistan test match in the company of Ryan, Dad, Andre and Jean-Chris. I’ve braaied, gone out for ice cream on the beach, bought Lollos and Barney the Dinosaur DVDs from the mall for Jess, not to mention the fact that I switched gyms back to the Virgin Active in Somerset West in the hopes to spur on a few more sessions than what I’m currently capable of doing, thanks to all my paying work!

And I assume that I’ve already mentioned just how much Army of Two I’m currently playing with Ryan every night. (It’s a good game. Seriously, seriously addictive and enjoyable. Just in case you were wondering…)

So not particularly active when looking back at this list I suppose, but one thing that is certain is that you really can’t accuse me of just sitting around and doing nothing, now can you? :P


valentine day dessert at jenna viva

(Oh, and I’ve even gone and tinkered a little with my blog layout again! Sorry if anything broke.)