I make heavy use of the fantastic SQLyog MySQL GUI tool for managing all of my MySQL databases. Of course, every time I change my primary work PC, it is a pain to have to recreate all of my Saved Connections all over again.

Luckily it turns out that there is technically a way to copy all these saved connections over to your new machine. First, you need to locate a file called sqlyog.ini on your system. Older versions used to store this file in the installation folder, but newer versions tend to have it in your user profile (‘AppData’) folder.

In my case, I found the file located in C:\Users\Craig Lotter\AppData\Roaming\SQLyog.

Grab this file and head over to your new machine. Locate its version of sqlyog.ini and replace it with the file you copied from your old machine. Fire up SQLyog and you should now have all of your Saved Connections available to you.