I finally gave in and agreed with Chantelle that it was time to spruce up the look and feel of our home here in Country Mews – in other words it needed a new coat of paint and definitely some new varnish on the window frames!


Chantelle managed to make contact with the guy who recently painted the house across the road from us (Oom Boeta), and after accepting his initial quote we were all set to go! Picking a colour turned out to be a lot easier than normal thanks to both Chantelle and I keen on the same idea, and in the end we sourced a wonderful colour named “Cyclone” from Builder’s Warehouse’s house brand Fired Earth’s Severe Weather range. Coming in at R460 for a 20 litre can meant that it wasn’t too horrible in terms of price, which was just as well because by the time the boys had finished, we had used up 60 litres of paint on the house!

There were a few problems with Oom Boeta and his boys, and eventually we did end up forking over more money that what was initially agreed upon, but we did get a lot extra thrown in, like the painting of the gate, the re-waterproofing of the roof’s spine as well as the painting of the braai chimney and the fixing of a minor hole in the roof!

The job did take a couple of days longer than originally planned for, but this was mainly due to weather – in other words Gordon’s Bay’s famous wind (as well as a little rain) decided to come and play.

We did come up a little short by virtue of the fact that we were unable to source paint of the same batch number (in the end we had to settle for three different batch numbers, never a good thing if you ask any building painter), the end result being that we do have some discolouration where Boeta unfortunately chose to do touch up work, and to be honest, the end result of the work in general isn’t quite up to our perfectionist standard – BUT, and it is a big but, given the price we paid and the people we used, we can’t actually complain (for labour we only paid R2,750!) and quite frankly – the house DOES looks pretty damn good now, especially at dusk where the colour really brings out the green of the garden!

To compare, here’s the old colour:

Versus the new colour: