I don’t do much DIY and generally the DIY that I do usually revolves around putting up shelves. Point in case – I decided that I wanted some shelving up in the office (despite the over-abundance of packing space already in the room), and to make things even more interesting, this time around I would make my own shelves instead of just buying some off the shelf.

(Note, this decision may have entirely revolved around that I wanted to play around with that jig saw I bought myself the other day, for no other reason than I thought it might be nice to have in my tool cupboard.)


So I sourced my materials, i.e. a nice length of pine and some black wood stain, and set about designing my own bookends, destroying the blade that came with my jig saw, leaving a trail of sawdust throughout the house, not to mention on the ottoman’s which I used as trestles when handling my wood, running to my dad for him to use his fixed circular saw to edge my boards, and then finally drilling and screwing the thing in place – the end result of which is something that I think looks damn good, works like a bomb, and most important of all, makes me feel all warm and proud on the inside.

Truly a proper DIY job (that funnily enough, actually worked out cheaper than just buying and putting up some ready made shelving!)

Even Jessie approves (and she sat there watching it go up, so she knows all about my shelves!)