I was meant to leave a little earlier on Friday so that I could get to Bellville to meet up with Chantelle and Jess and drive straight through to Jacobsbaai, thus saving us some travel time.

As it turned out, I wasn’t able to leave the office early.

If you look at these photos, then you might understand why – and just a note, this is the usual state of parking here at the Westlake office!

touchwork westlake parking lot 1

touchwork westlake parking lot 2

(I’ve helpfully circled my car in red).

As it turned out though, Cape Town was pretty much deserted on Friday thanks to the Thursday public holiday, and I breezed through to Bellville in something ridiculous like 25 minutes. And better still, we got to Jacobsbaai in a hour and a half, a full hour faster than what the GPS had predicted!

Now if only Chantelle hadn’t been held up in Gordon’s Bay and we were able to leave at the time that we actually wanted to leave…