Yay, we finally managed to get rid of the big Coricraft couch that we’d been trying to sell in order to free up space in the braai room for Chantelle’s baking business.

In the end a gentleman named Leon living in Oudtshoorn took it off of our hands, though given the geographical distance, most of the deal was brokered through his brother-in-law that lives in Strand. It took a couple of days after the payment came through for the couch to eventually be picked up from us (it was living in the lounge as a temporary message, pretty much directly in everyone’s way), but before it went, Chantelle made doubly sure that it would be nice and snug, all protected by a thick layer of clingwrap with black bags thrown in for good measure.

clingwrapped coricraft sofa sold 1

clingwrapped coricraft sofa sold 2

Hello floor space, how I’ve missed you so! :)