Last weekend I got to go to Newlands Rugby Stadium with my brother and my Dad, to watch the Stormers take on the visiting team of the Sharks in a Super 15 campaign match-up. Now I haven’t been to Newlands for many a year, the last game that I remember attending was probably a warm up game between the Stormers and visiting English side Saracens, but who knows just how many years ago that was now!

We arrived in Newlands with plenty of time to spare, and after locating our seats which happened to be quite high up on the Railway Stand, we killed time by heading out to the passage and having a something to drink whilst discussing Bitcoins, the economic topic of choice at the moment it would seem.

2013-04-13 17.30.39

Up until now the Stormers haven’t been having the greatest of seasons, and so I must admit that I was quite surprised to see that regardless of the team’s current performance and injury woes, Newlands Stadium was packed out, even if the majority of people only seemed to find their seats literally as the start whistle was about to go! It must be said though, the weather for the game was absolutely perfect, no wind, no rain, no problems with the floodlights – in fact, the only environmental issue I needed to deal with was the glare of the setting sun, but seeing as that didn’t last all that long I can’t really complain about it! (Besides, I had been warned about the possibility but had chosen to ignore the advice. Silly me.)

The Stormers Dancing Girls were out in full force as per usual, though this time they had also been tasked with carrying out Newland’s whole #respect campaign, basically to try and curb the notorious behaviour of the local crowd which had generated such negative headlines a week or two before. The campaign took the form of adverts playing on the big screen and the girls holding up big placards at the appropriate time, which was a little ironic because at the end of a day you had a good looking girl in a revealing, exploitative costume, holding up a sign reading “#respect”. Well, it was amusing to me anyway.

As for the rugby itself, man were the boys out to entertain. The Stormers led from start to finish in what was a bruising encounter, and although the game got pretty tight at times, the Stormers held on for what turned out to be a convincing win, with no sign of their current campaign failures affecting their game whatsoever.

Brilliant stuff, and in the end, a fantastic piece of entertainment and well worth the admission fee it has to be said. Plus, my team won, so all is good! :)

On our way out of the stadium (and exiting the high levels of the Railway Stand really is a lesson in how not to make a spectator feel welcome), I had to stop and take a picture of this ill-placed doorway, which would make a fabulous ‘genius’ post on 9gag now that I think about it.

2013-04-13 19.03.03

Seriously, do architects get paid by comedy/action movie houses to include this sort of thing in their structures so as to provide comedy gold sometime in the future?