weigh-less-logoSo I’m now a part of the Weigh-Less program.

Chantelle first got the idea in her head from Andy, who had been mentioning to her the great results that she was seeing after having joined them some time ago. This in turn inspired Chantelle to no end and after a bit of discussion, I agreed to join up with her because a) it’s much easier to do something if someone else is doing it with you and b) imagine how much it would suck trying to cook two different menus every evening!

Not that I was completely against joining mind you. Now heavily overweight (punny, I know), I could certainly do with losing some kilos, and seeing as I don’t really have any objections to a program which is based on little more than cutting out fatty and oily foods, getting portions and combinations right, and better controlling eating times, I readily signed on the dotted line alongside wifey.

We joined up with the Somerset West group as they had weigh-in slots that best accommodated us (lunch time, every Tuesday afternoon), and pleasingly the group leader Lana is a very passionate and likeable personality. Oh, and with our Discovery Vitality discount, it’s not a particularly huge chunk of money to hand over each month either, only R140 per person, which I don’t think is too horrible at all.

Chantelle has taken on the majority of the work in terms of this new eating lifestyle of ours, and is responsible for the planning, weighing and preparing all of our meals (all I have to do is smile and hand over my credit card), and I have to say – I’ve been rather surprised at the huge amount of food we have been asked to eat!

Nevertheless, four weeks into the program and I have already lost 11 kilograms, which if you convert that to margarine blocks, is 22 margarine bricks – quite the eye opener when you hold that in a box in front of you! (Which I can do based on the fact Chantelle buys around 30 bricks every second week or so!)

No wonder my joints aren’t complaining any more! :)