My birthday is only next weekend, but Chantelle has gone and kicked off things super early, buying for me a beautiful heavy duty stepladder that I’ve had my eye on for a while now (from Tafelberg Furnishers).

This turned out to be super useful because this was the weekend of staying at home and getting things done around the house while Chantelle bakes and attends a toddler first aid course, things like de-clutter my study, repair the kitchen cupboard, fix Chantelle’s broken baking tins, replace faulty lightbulbs and most important of all – get a start on putting up the much needed shelving in the braai room for Chantelle’s packaging and baking stuff. (Builder’s Warehouse turned out to be an awesome ally on the last one).

However, as with all things in this house these days, I had to wait my turn to use my early birthday gift – Jessie decided that my new stepladder makes for an AWESOME television watching vantage point!

jessica sitting on daddy's stepladder 1

jessica sitting on daddy's stepladder 2